Innokin Endura T22 Beginner Box Mod Review

Innokin has cornered the market on beginning vaper devices. Their Innokin T18 vape pen was a huge success and they followed up with a beginning box mod version in the T22. It is designed for beginners who have been vaping a while and want to move up to something in a mod style with a longer lasting battery.

Innokin Endura T22 Testing and Performance

The Innokin Endura T22 is a beginner box mod made with the same quality and design of the previous T18 vape pen. It uses the same Prism Tank and coils (larger tank capacity in this one) and a bigger battery (2000mah) that has twice the output of the older version. It is still a maximum of 14W with a 1.5 ohm coil Prism coil for flavor and clouds for those who want to upgrade. Here are a few specs on the device and some information about how it works.



Build quality and Design

The design is simple and basic. The set comes in 3 colors: silver, blue, and black. The mod and tank system look very stylish and sleek and feel very comfortable in the hand. The power button is smooth with no rattling. It is a very attractive-looking vape mod for beginners and those who like simple mods.


This mod is made of stainless and glass and is very durable. If it falls or gets knocked over, which happens in day to day life, it should survive without any damage. The battery feels very lightweight but strong and the tank is protected by a metal encasement that keeps it from getting cracked or broken.

Ease of Use

The top-fill design on the tank makes it super easy to use. The cap twists off to reveal juice ports underneath with openings large enough to fit most bottle tips. The device charges by USB cable and has 1-button functionality. It is the simplest of devices that you can just vape and go.

For coil changes, remove the tank and turn it upside down. Grab the coil and pull straight up and out. Put the new coil in the slot and line it up with the edges and push in. It is the same coil and same method of use as with the Apex tank.


The form factor for this device is small. It fits in your hand and is so small you can close your hand around it and it completely disappears except for the tank sticking up. This is perfect for new vapers who want to upgrade but are too intimidated by some of the bigger mods. This is smaller and more accommodating to those who are new to vaping in general.

Features and functions

The T22 Prism tank has a larger capacity (4.5 mils) and is great for filling up for a long day. You don’t have to bring a juice bottle for the work commute because this tank can hold a lot of juice. The previous version was a 2 mil tank so you are getting twice the capacity of the old tank in the new one. The battery is also twice the output as the T18. Innokin has doubled everything in this little vape mod and it works like a dream.

Wattage and Power

The battery for this mod is pre-set to 14W and will not go higher. Also, you cannot use other tanks with it, it is designed for use with the Prism tank only. The combination of the 1.5-ohm coil and the power output of the battery make this a well-performing vape mod. You don’t get huge clouds from it but what you do get is pretty darn good for a device that practically disappears in your hand.

Since it only puts out 14W of power it would probably not appeal to more advanced vapers. There are no menu settings, no screens, no adjustments to make and no other coil options.

Battery Life

Innokin has definitely improved on the battery life in this one. The 2000mah battery lasts twice as long as the T18 version. While it does take a couple hours to charge, this battery will last a new vaper all day and all night. If you vape more frequently you may need to charge in between.

2000mah lasts me most of the day since I am a heavy vaper. I would charge it at night before going to bed. It charges within 2 hours and is ready to go for the morning.

What We Liked

+ Easy top-fill design
+ Micro USB charging
+ Easy to change coils
+ Compatible with T18 coils

What We Didn’t

Not a single thing


I have seen this kit advertised for $32.95 and that is a good value for what you get with this mod. Everything is set up to vape right out of the box. All you have to do is charge and fill with your favorite juice. Simple and easy to use and priced affordably.

Final Verdict

Innokin has come out with some really great devices and this one is right on point. It is a great device for beginners who want to try a box mod that is small and feels like it was made just for them. The price point is good and you couldn’t ask for a better device from a company that makes such high-quality products. I recommend these to any vapers who want to try out a box mod without worrying that it is too big or has too much power. This one is just right.

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Vaping vs. Smoking – Is it Better to Vape Than Smoke?

vaping vs smoking

Since the emergence of e-cigarettes in 2003, many people have taken up vaping to stop smoking cigarettes. And for good reason, cigarette-smoking is responsible for nearly 480,000 deaths per year in the US alone. While the benefits of quitting cigarettes are monumental, finding alternatives to smoking that will help people get off cigarettes for good is not so easy. Here are a few reasons why vaping is the best alternative to smoking.

Vaping as an Alternative to Smoking

The immediate benefits of vaping vs. smoking are clear to anyone who has made the switch to e-cigarettes. Cigarette revenue increases every year and costs continue to go up. Cost is a very big factor and it is included in 3 of the benefits listed below.

  1. The cost to vape on a monthly basis is considerably less than buying cigarettes, at least 50% less. It is a lot more in states where tobacco costs are higher. Typically, cigarette sales are between $5 and $8 (Los Angeles, CA) dollars per pack all the way up to $13 (NYC).
  2. The cost for a bottle of e-liquid and a basic vape pen is under $50 to get started, and the monthly cost from there is only for the e-liquid at $30 per month for a 60 ml bottle. Discount websites and online coupons can lower these costs even more for greater savings.
    Vaping does not produce any odor that sticks to your hair, clothes, and on your breath because it contains no tar. No one will accuse you of smelling like an ashtray. Vaping produces only a mildly-scented vapor which dissipates within minutes so there is no odor to follow you around like smoking cigarettes.
  3. Vapers are less dependent on their devices than smokers are with cigarettes. The body processes the nicotine in vapor differently. Without the other chemicals in cigarette smoke, the urge to vape is less intense so if you are at a sporting event there is no need to rush outside for a “smoke” and miss the highlights of the game.

A Population Assessment of Tobacco and Health (PATH) study published in Preventative Medicine in 2017, concludes that electronic cigarettes are less addictive than tobacco cigarettes. The group studied was comprised of 3,500 participants, 5% of whom were vapers and 95% were cigarette users (no dual use). The study showed that the participants who vaped tend to start vaping later in the day and can go longer periods between vapes when compared to the habits of the participants that smoked.

What is Vaping?

If you have never heard the term before or maybe don’t quite understand what all “vaping” entails, here is a short description. Vaping is the act of inhaling vapor through an electronic device and exhaling in a similar fashion to smoking a traditional cigarette.

The vaping device used may or may not look like a cigarette, but the effects are similar. Vaping is designed to satisfy a smoker’s craving for nicotine, blowing out smoke, and the familiar hand-to-mouth habit associated with smoking. Believe it or not, these are three things make it hard for people to stay away from cigarettes once they quit.

Vaping exactly mimics these three things so many smokers-turned-vapers stay off cigarettes and are successful at quitting. Not all do, but a large portion of those who switch to vaping never go back to cigarettes.

Ingredients in Vape Juice

The ingredients in e-liquid that combine to produce vapor have been compared to the smoke produced by cigarettes. The chemical composition of the two is completely different. Cigarette smoke contains nicotine from tobacco leaves as well as tar, cyanide, ammonia, benzene and more. It is estimated that 4,000 or more harmful chemicals are in cigarette smoke.

Vaping liquid, on the other hand, includes only 4 ingredients: nicotine, propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, and flavoring.  Diacetyl was once used to simulate a buttery flavor in e-liquid recipes but was discontinued by some manufacturers after reports of a group of eight factory workers developed respiratory infections after being exposed to a large amount of the flavoring powder used to make the butter-flavoring for the popcorn made by the factory.

The amount used in e-liquid manufacturing is very small (drops) compared to the amount the factory workers were exposed to, but regardless, many companies have decided to make their e-liquids without flavoring chemicals like diacetyl.

Nicotine Free E-liquid

Many vapers choose vaping without nicotine after successfully quitting cigarettes. Since many online retailers allow consumers to customize the nicotine content in the vape juice purchased, it is possible to slowly reduce the amount of nicotine until it is no longer needed. Nicotine free vaping is popular with long-term vapers and all vape shops carry zero nicotine e-liquids.

Lowered Health Risks

While nobody can make the claim that electronic cigarettes are 100% harmless, it has been agreed that they are at least 95% less harmful than cigarettes. The CDC, American Cancer Society, American Heart Association, and the Royal College of Physicians (UK) do not endorse vaping per se, but they all do agree it is less harmful due to fewer carcinogens being inhaled into the body through vaping vs.smoking cigarettes.

February UK Study Shows Vaping Less Harmful

In February of 2018, Public Health England published a report that concluded that vaping is less harmful than smoking.

Professor John Newton, Director for Health Improvement at Public Health England, said: Our new review reinforces the finding that vaping is a fraction of the risk of smoking, at least 95% less harmful, and of negligible risk to bystanders. Yet over half of smokers either falsely believe that vaping is as harmful as smoking or just don’t know.”

Smoking causes an increase in blood pressure, increases the risk of heart disease and stroke. A new study published in the British Medical Journal found that even light smokers who smoked less than a pack per day were at risk for cancer and heart disease.

Unfortunately, there have been no studies done yet to show the long-term effects of vaping 10 or 20 years from now. More long term studies are needed to provide data to the medical community and government agencies that vaping is a safe and an effective way to get smokers off cigarettes. It is nice to think that someday soon doctors may be writing prescriptions for e-liquid and vape pens as smoking cessation products.

Health Effects from Vaping vs. Smoking

We are all aware of the health issues related to smoking regular cigarettes. Cancer, heart disease, high blood pressure, and lung disease are just a few smoking-related conditions that cost thousands of dollars per year in doctor bills and hospital stays. Studies show that smoking causes cancer and the above-mentioned associated conditions, we know that for a fact, but there is no evidence of vaping causing any of the same conditions. Media headlines mention studies linking cancer and vaping as clickbait to get their content read, but in reality, there is no evidence to prove that vaping causes cancer or any respiratory problems.

One study that said that vaping produces formaldehyde as a by-product of e-liquid being vaporized. But what they did not explain was that the researchers tested the liquid and vaping equipment at much higher levels of heat than any normal person would vape at.

Metal components and liquids can combine to produce noxious fumes when heated to abnormally high temperatures. This is a normal occurrence in the everyday world, but vapers do not routinely vape at high temperatures so there is no possibility of that happening with normal use. Anything taken to the extreme can have unpredictable consequences. Too much chocolate causes diarrhea but it’s not bad for you.

Side Effects of Vaping

Some people report side effects associated with vaping, but these are small and inconsequential. These are normal occurrences that would fit under numerous conditions.

Dry Mouth

One thing to understand is that vaping can cause you to become dehydrated so increasing your fluid intake is recommended. This is not only related to vaping because any number of things can cause dehydration.


When you first begin vaping you may find yourself coughing for the first few days to a week. The body is attempting to adjust to inhaling vapor instead of smoke. The coughing is the lungs way of cleaning themselves of built-up tar and residue from smoking. Some people will quit vaping after a day or two because they developed a cough as a result and relate it to vaping.

Vaper’s Tongue

This one is a little tricky because it does not refer to the physical condition of the tongue itself. It refers to the loss of the ability to differentiate between flavors. If you vape the same flavor day-in /day-out for months on end sometime your taste buds will take a hiatus. This is a temporary condition and resolves itself with time. The issue is actually with the taste buds and not with vaping.

The main reasons why vaping is a better alternative to smoking is that it costs much less than smoking cigarettes. It doesn’t put off an odor to offend other people, including family members with sensitive noses. And lastly, you’re reducing the number of chemicals going into your body daily.

Regulation to Keep Teens Off Tobacco

There are regulations in place to keep tobacco products and vapor products out of the hands of teens and youth in the US. It was revealed that a number of High school students vape sparking the FDA to consider banning flavored e-liquids. The figures are exaggerated of course and most teens admit to trying vaping after or instead of conventional cigarettes. Regulations include no sales to minors under 18, vape shops must check the ID of anyone under 27 years old, and online retailers need to age-verify all purchases.

The FDA worries that vaping will be a gateway to smoking but it seems more likely the other way around. Cigarettes taste nasty and more teens say they do it for the flavors and not for the nicotine as most are vaping “0” nicotine e-liquid. While banning flavors might discourage teens from vaping, it would also deter all the young adults of legal vaping age from being able to access flavored e-liquids either.

FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb says that their goal is to make sure that kids can’t access any of the fruity-flavored products in convenience stores. Adult vapers agree with age-restricting products and support keeping these products away from young people. Hopefully, the FDA and the vaping community can reach a compromise that would keep flavors available for adult consumers but in a way that does not appear to target kids with advertising, packaging, or by any other means.

Flavors was a big debate, but it is a valid point. Kids are not the only ones attracted to sweet flavors. Adults like cereal flavors, sweets, fruits, and dessert flavors. Flavors are one of the things that set vaping apart from traditional cigarettes. The ability to choose your own flavors, nicotine strength and delivery system is a big plus.

Many new vapers have said that after switching to vaping they were looking better, feeling better, and even breathing better after quitting cigarettes tobacco. While that is not clinical evidence of vaping being healthier, it is worth mentioning.

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IPV4S Box Mod Review

The IPV4 from Pioneer4 You was a great mod but, according to some, had some issues. Well, the company has improved on the previous version, fixed the bugs, and released the new and improved IPV4S with more firmware upgrades and features that vapers who prefer temperature control mods will flip for. Read on to find out more about it.

IPV4S Testing and Performance

The IPV4S is quite an impressive piece of vaping hardware. It comes with upgradeable firmware, a host of built-in user protections, and the ability to vape in wattage, voltage, or temperature control mode. One improvement is the Yihi SX330 V4SN chipset which enables the wattage to max out at 120W instead of the previous 100W. The increased safety settings, as well as the ability to choose TC memory modes, makes this a great mod for the money. Here is some information about the mod and a look at how it operates.


Build quality and Design

The mod is constructed from an aluminum alloy and feels very sturdy. It looks almost identical to the IPV4 except for a few small changes. The battery door cover is textured and held in place with ball bearings instead of magnets, and the OLED screen is not tinted like the previous version making it clear and easy to read. The battery cover is easy to remove to change out the batteries and the edges of the device are rounded off for a smooth easy grip.


The device is very durable and would survive a few drops to the floor. I accidentally dropped mine getting out of the car because I had set it in my lap and forgot to grab it before stepping out. It landed in the dirt but didn’t get so much as a scratch on it.

Ease of Use

With all of the built-in protections offered by the device, it is very safe to use, but I would not recommend it to new vapers because of the temperature control restrictions. This is more for advanced users who understand Ohm’s Law and wire resistances. That being said, it is fairly easy to use once you adjust the settings to your liking.

I tested this device in wattage mode only since I didn’t have any nickel or titanium coils on hand for TC mode. I don’t really use it all that much so all of my tanks and RDAs take Kanthal wire.

I do like the fact that it has different temperature control modes for those who use it. You can choose to use it in wattage mode, voltage mode, or TC mode in Celsius, Fahrenheit or Jules. Plus the ability to set up to 5 memory modes.


The IPV4S feels good in the hand with the material grip and power button on the front of the device. It feels very natural and very comfortable to hold.

Features and functions

It has a USB port for firmware upgrades (not for pass-through charging). There are a number of built-in safety features that I think are fantastic. A few of these are:

Low Voltage Protection
Low Resistance Protection
Reverse Battery Protection
Short Circuit Protection
Temperature Overheat Protection

Wattage and Power

The maximum wattage for this device is 120W with a minimum resistance of 0.1ohm – 3.0ohm for Kanthal, and 0.05ohm – 0.30ohm for nickel and titanium coils. It has plenty of power for any of your atomizers. I used a 0.5-ohm atomizer at 65W and got a really nice, cool vape with plenty of cloud production. I took it up to 80W and it started getting a little to warm for my tastes, I think 65 is my “sweet spot” with this device. If you like warmer vapes with a lot of vapor then you’ll love this mod.

Battery Life

The battery life of this mod is good. I vape a lot throughout the day and only have to charge the batteries at night, so it is really good in my opinion. For someone who vapes less frequently, you could probably last a couple of days between charges. It takes 2 flat top 18650 batteries with an amp rating of 25. I recommend Samsum 25R, LG HG2, or Sony VCT4 purchased from a reputable vape shop or online supplier.

What We Liked

+ Safety features
+ More TC modes
+ OLED display is brighter
+ Comes in black and silver

What We Didn’t

The battery cover is a little flimsy


The selling price for this new and improved IPV4S is less than $60, and with all the improvements and safety features, it is worth every penny. Similar devices with some of the same features are priced between $80 – $100 so this is definitely a good value for the money.

Final Verdict

The IPV4S comes with safety features and all the bells and whistles of higher-priced box mods. And with all of these improvements, it also comes at an affordable price. It is a good value at under $60 for a well-made device that works on the level of a high-end mod. I would recommend it to advanced vapers who like to use temperature control and want more customization with their settings.

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Innokin iTaste MVP 3 Box Mod Review

When choosing a box mod, go for a brand name that is associated with high-quality products. The MVP 3.0 from Innokin is an improvement on an already widely-popular device. Version 3 has some upgrades and features that make it an even better value and a great starter device for new vapers looking for their first mod. Read on to find out more about it.

Innokin iTaste MVP 3 Testing and Performance

The Innokin iTaste MVP 3.0 box mod is an upgrade to the previous version with more wattage (30W instead of 20W), longer battery life (3800 mah) and included eGo to 510 adapter for your favorite eGo-style tanks.

The original MVP was my first ever box mod and I loved it. It did have some issues which were corrected in version 3 which I also love. I have had a great experience using the MVP 3 and think it would be a great device for vapers of all experience levels since it is so easy to use. Here is an overview of what it comes with and some information on how it works.

Build quality and Design

It is the same form factor and design as the MVP 2.0 but a little larger and more defined. The design is meant to look sharper and edgier, which it does. It is more squared on the corners and edges instead of the rounded corners of the previous version. The buttons and the OLED screen are larger and easier to use as well. The menu system is very easy to navigate, even for a beginning vaper.


This is a very solid and well-made device. Innokin is well-known for their high-quality vapor products. All the threads are very smooth and there are no loose parts to rattle or squeak. I have had no issues with this device at all and believe it to be a very durable piece of vaping equipment.

Ease of Use

This device is very easy to use with 3 clicks to turn it on & off. To change from voltage to wattage mode, hold the power button along with the ( – ) button until the number flashes. Then use the ( + ) button to increase the voltage in +1 increments. To switch to wattage, hold the power button and the ( + ) button. If you hold the plus and minus button together the screen will flip from right to left for those left-handed vapers. That is the extent of the menu system.


The MVP 3 is slightly larger and taller than the original MVP, and somewhat square and boxy. It fits the hand and is comfortable to hold.

Features and functions

I love that this device has a nice clear OLED display that is easy to read and easy navigation menu.

It has an adapter for eGo-style atomizers and spring-loaded 510 connection for sub-ohm tanks.

It also has some built-in user protections like low voltage or short circuit, and the device will automatically shut off to avoid damage to the device if there are any problems.

It has a real-time ohm meter that will display your atomizer coil and alert you in the event you try and use an atomizer that is below the minimum resistance ( 0.4 ohms). It will flash and the device will not power on until you disconnect the atomizer. I think this is one of the best features this device has for user safety.

Wattage and Power

This device is a variable voltage/variable wattage system with a maximum output of 30W or 9 volts depending on the mode you use it in. It has plenty of power to run your favorite atomizer tanks for joyous vaping all day long.

Battery Life

The MVP 3.0 has an integrated 3800 mah battery that is capable of charging other devices through a built-in charging cable on the bottom of the device. The maximum wattage for this device is 30W so the battery will last a long time and it also has pass-through charging so in the event you drained the battery charging your phone you can plug into your laptop and vape while it recharges. You’ll never be left with a dead battery.

What We Liked

+ Micro USB charging
+ Pass-through vaping
+ Capable of charging other devices
+ Similar in size to the original MVP
+ The power button is on the front (not on the side)

What We Didn’t

There really isn’t much not to like about this device. It does not have a charging piece for the iPhone which isn’t really a con since you can just carry your phone charger and plug it into the USB port on the bottom.


I have seen this mod advertised online through various retailers for $39.95 which is a good deal in my opinion. This device has so many positive features to it that make it a great value at any price. It does not come with an atomizer but it works very well with a number of sub ohm tanks including the Kanger Subtank and Aspire Atlantis.

Final Verdict

Innokin had a great product in the MVP 2, and now with the MVP 3, things have gotten even better. For a lot of vapers, the MVP 2 was their first real mod (including myself) so the new and improved version 3 is a welcome addition to any vaping collection. I love the new version and highly recommend it to any new vapers looking for their first mod. It is beautiful, well-made, and affordable on any budget. What’s not to love.

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Geekvape Aegis 100W Box Mod Review

I know a few vapers who tend to have butterfingers, meaning that they are always dropping their mods or knocking them over. Those fancy-looking mods have no chance of surviving around them.  If you know someone who happens to be a little clumsy I’ve got just the mod for them.

Geekvape Aegis 100W Mod Testing and Performance

The Aegis is the first mod on the market that is waterproof, dustproof, and almost indestructible. It is constructed of military-grade stainless steel and designed to be durable enough to withstand any environment, whether it is indoors or outdoors. This mod is perfect for those vapers who work outdoors or in situations where they are exposed to various climates and environments.

It is also great for those vapers who tend to have butter fingers (drops their mod a lot). It is constructed of military-grade stainless steel and is made to survive being dropped in water (water-proof and shock-resistant) and is sealed to prevent dust from getting inside and damaging the components.

I’m amazed that a 100W mod with temperature control can run so well off a single 26650 battery. It also has the option to use a 18650 battery as well so you could carry a spare if you need to for extended shifts. Her is a little information about this durable mod from Geekvape.

Build quality and Design

The design for the Aegis is pretty straightforward. It is designed for functionality but not so much for style. It has leather on the hand grip and metal construction. The power button is a little odd though, it looks as though you should push it because it has a raised point. It just clicks down so I don’t understand why they didn’t just make it flat. It would make more sense. But it is supposed to look rugged for the outdoors lovers.


This device is built tough and is extremely durable. There have been numerous people on Youtube purposely trying to see if they could damage this mod by running it over with a vehicle, throwing against a wall, and dropping it in the toilet so I already know it will not be damaged at all by being dropped to the floor or falling off my desk. Plus I don’t want to ruin my mod by doing any of those things. I’m pretty sure it would survive and still work fine but I like it the way it is.

Ease of Use

This mod works in temperature control and wattage mode equally well. I don’t use temperature control that much because I only have a couple of tanks that use Ni200 coils. I am a wattage vaper and it works great in my opinion. It is easy to use, easy to change the battery and I love how the battery orientation is marked inside the battery casing. That way you don’t have to guess which way the battery goes in.


This has a kind of heavy feel to it and it fits nicely in the hand. I’m not exactly sure if you’re supposed to use the power button with your thumb or finger but I tend to use it with my thumb and it feels pretty good that way.

Features and functions

The features of this device are temperature control as well as wattage mode. The battery door has a little lift spring to help you remove it and has seals around it to keep dust out of the battery compartment. It has an easy-to-read OLED display, easy navigation, and memory settings.

Wattage and Power

The Aegis is a 100W single battery mod so the maximum wattage is 100W. For a single battery, depending on the resistance of your atomizer, it can last a full day as long as you aren’t running it above 60 – 65W. I keep mine right around 60W and only have to charge it at night. I am also using a sub ohm tank with a coil resistance of 0.7 so it conserves battery power by using a higher resistance.

Battery Life

Battery life is good on this device if you keep it below 100W. It wouldn’t last as long for someone using super low resistance coils and running it at maximum power. You’d have to charge it more often or buy extra batteries. At full power, it would deplete the battery and then it would just shut off until you recharge it. I was not familiar with the Golisi IMR battery that came with it but it is a 35A high-drain battery and is similar in appearance and function as the Ijoy 26650 batteries.

I recommend keeping the wattage at 60 for a balance of steady power and good battery life. It performs just as well at lower wattages as it does higher ones. And higher resistance atomizers help conserve battery power as well.

What We Liked

+ Spring-loaded 510 connection
+ Battery orientation marked with X
+ Military-grade stainless steel construction
+ Strong and durable
+ Waterproof, dustproof, shockproof

What We Didn’t

There really isn’t anything I didn’t like about this mod


I purchased this mod for $39.95 + tax and have seen it advertised by various online retailers for $40 – $54.99. I feel that this is a good mod and well worth every penny. For a durable vape device that is compatible with various coil types, uses temperature control, and is waterproof you couldn’t ask for a better deal for less than $60.

Final Verdict

I have been wanting to get one of these for some time now and I am so glad I did. I love it and think it is one of the best purchases I have made this year. I try to buy things that last and tend to keep things more than other people. I still have some really old RDAs because I like how they vape.

This mod will last you a long time and perform well under any circumstances. Whether you work outside or inside, it will take the daily wear and tear and keep right on going. This is a must-have in my opinion and I recommend it very highly to any vaper who wants a durable device at a great price.

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Apollo OHM Go Vape Pen Review

For someone looking for a vaping device that looks and acts like a traditional cigarette, the Apollo Ohm Go might be just what you need. This device is small and fits in your pocket and has a draw similar to that of a cigarette. It is the perfect combination for someone looking for their first vape device.

Apollo OHm Go Testing and Performance

This stealthy little vaporizer is small but don’t let its looks fool you, it performs like a champ. I have spent the last week testing this device during my morning errands and it has been performing really well. There are some things I like about and some things I don’t but you can check the specs for this device and find out more about it below.

Build quality and design

The build quality is good for this device. It is constructed of stainless steel and has a silicone outer covering that is soft and easy to grip. The tank and battery are two separate pieces so you could use another tank if you had one that was the same size.

The design is a sleek and stylish pen-style body with a matching tank. I would have preferred black or white o-rings in the drip tip, I think the red is a little distracting. The power button is a little odd-shaped, it somewhat resembles a little alien head or a lightbulb.


It is sturdy and durable and the tank is surrounded by a metal casing that protects it from falls and breaking. Which is a good thing because it does not come with a spare glass tank.

Ease of Use

This device has 1-button functionality so there is no menu or screen. Just press the button and vape. The battery indicator light on the power button changes from green to red indicating the need to charge.

Vaping Experience

For mouth-to-lung style vaping, this vape device works great. It produces some nice flavor and pretty decent clouds for being a small device.

The fact that it comes with two coils is an added bonus because it gives the option of using it two ways. I like the MTL draw and the 1.0 coil is perfect for that. I think that this device would appeal to new vapers because the draw is similar to what they are used to and it would be easy for transitioning from cigarettes.

The 0.5-ohm coil produces some pretty good clouds which would appeal to older vapers who just want a simple-to-use device. So this could be a “for everyone” type of device if you want something that you just charge and vape.


It has a top-fill design so it is simple to open and you just drip juice into one of the open fill holes underneath and you’re all set.


I haven’t had any leaking at all with this tank. It has been working like a charm since I first started using it. I have laid it down multiple times and haven’t has a single leak so far.


This little vaporizer puts out some pretty nice clouds for being so small. It is a vape pen so it doesn’t get up to the wattage required for big, massive clouds but it does pretty well for its size and battery limits. I would say that it produces more vapor than the average vape pen.


I think that this tank was designed more for flavor than vapor production because it has really good flavor. It produces some pretty nice clouds too so it’s a win-win in both categories.

What We Liked

+ Top fill tank
+ Easy to use
+ MTL and DTL vaping
+ Battery indicator light
+ Pass-through vaping

What We Didn’t

No replacement glass
Can only use tanks that are 19mm
No variety of colors with o-rings
Tank and glass are all one piece


Apollo is a known producer of quality products and their Vtube and Evolve vaporizers are quite popular with many vapers. This is available in a kit for $39.95 and comes with everything you need to get started vaping. I feel that this is a good value due to the quality of the materials and the technology used to create it.

Final Verdict

This is a nice little vape pen for someone just getting off cigarettes. They can get the feel for vaping and upgrade to another set up later on when they have some experience with it. It is extremely easy to use so transitioning will be easy because it’s close to what they have been used to with the MTL draw and the slim, pocket size of the device. Perfect for beginners who want to try something that isn’t big and bulky to carry around. I recommend this device to anyone looking for a simple, easy to use vape pen with 1-button functionality.

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Halo Tracer Twist Vape Pen Review

Halo, the top line in high-quality e-cigarettes and e-liquids has created a sub ohm vape pen that performs like a mod in vapor production and power. It’s sleek and stylish like other Halo products and maintains it’s reputation for style and affordability. Read on to find out more about it.

Halo Tracer Twist Testing and Performance

The Halo Tracer Twist is a sub ohm vape pen with a powerful kick. Slightly larger than most other pen-style devices, it resembles a tube mod in size and ability. It is aesthetically appealing and has some good quality features as well. Check out the specs for this device and see how well it performs. Find out if this device would work for you.

Build quality and design

The design of the unit is attractive and very stylish. The tank blends right in with the body so it looks like it’s all one piece and has the “Halo flame” logo on the front of the battery. The whole thing looks very elegant and I like the choice of 2 drip tips. The battery is available in black or stainless steel and the 4 mil tank capacity is an added bonus.


The device is constructed of 304 stainless steel and Pyrex glass. It feels very sturdy and solid in the hand. I have not had any issues with dropping it yet, but I think if I did it would survive just fine. It gives the impression of being a well-made device and Halo is a manufacturer of high-quality vapor products.

Ease of Use

This device is very easy to use. It is made to just fill and vape with no unnecessary fiddling. There are no menu screens, nothing to adjust but the amount of airflow on the tank. The tank is a top-fill design and easy to fill by unscrewing the top and dripping e-liquid into one of the two large juice ports.

To adjust your voltage up or down, simply twist the little dial at the bottom between 2.5 and 4.2 volts. If you’re not sure where to start, set it 3.6 and slowly move up one mark until you get the flavor and vapor production you want.

Vaping Experience

As an experienced vaper, I wish vape pens like this one and the Halo Triton would have been around when I started vaping. Trying these devices out now it just amazes me how good they are and how much it would have helped me avoid going back and forth with cigarettes for so long.

I have been using this device for the past few days and I love it. It is so easy to use and I can vape while it charges. That is a big plus for me because I hate waiting for batteries to charge. The 2300mah battery lasts a pretty good amount of time as well. For a light vaper, you could probably go a couple of days between charges.

The sub ohm tank produces good clouds of vapor and nice flavor. It holds 4 mils of juice so it has a nice big tank that will last all day through work, commuting, and other activities.


When using a sub ohm tank and low resistance coils you need to use e-liquids with a higher VG concentration and lower nicotine. Sub ohm coils heat up quickly and if the e-liquid vaporizes too fast because it is too thin it can burn and make you cough terribly.

I used a high VG juice in 6mg nicotine strength with this tank because sub ohm coils need thicker liquids for better vapor production. An easy way to remember it is: high resistance coils = higher nicotine, and lower resistance coils = lower nicotine. You’ll save yourself a lot of coughing and sore throat by using high VG/low nic ratios.


Filling this tank is very simple. You just unscrew the top cap and squeeze juice into one of the two kidney-shaped juice holes (being careful to avoid the center chimney pipe). Replace the cap and continue vaping.


This is really the only issue I had with the device as a whole, is that the tank leaks. I have learned through experience that most often tank leaks are caused by user error as long as all the seals are intact. I close off my airflow when refilling and fill when the tank is almost empty. The times I had leaking with it was when I laid it down on my desk while answering a phone call. It doesn’t leak all the time so I may have solved the issue inadvertently.


For a vape pen, it produces some pretty good size vapor clouds. I was surprised at the amount of vapor I got with it. The sub ohm tank with this device works as well as some other tanks of similar size and resistance. The clouds aren’t as big as what you’d get with an RDA, but they are on par with tanks like the Atlantis and Subtank.


The flavor produced by this tank is really very good for a basic tank. The flavor of the juice comes through clear and true to profile. It produces good flavor as well as nice vapor clouds.

What We Liked

+ Attractive design
+ Easy to use
+ Long battery life
+ Can vape while charging

What We Didn’t

Tank leaks when laid down
Power button rattles a bit


I have seen this device advertised for around $30 online through a couple of retailers. You get everything you need to start vaping right out of the box and the device performs well so I think it is a great value at that price. It is affordably priced and works like a more advanced tube-style mod. It is definitely worth it.

Final Verdict

The Halo Tracer Twist is an excellent choice for new vapers just starting in sub-ohm vaping. It is designed to be hassle-free so there are no menu systems to worry about or settings to adjust. You just fill it and vape it, and the vapor production is really good for a beginner’s device. I recommend it to new vapers stepping up from eGo-style batteries who want a bit more power and vapor clouds.

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