The Kylin RTA Review

If you are in the market for a rebuildable tank that performs like an RDA, here it is it’s the Kylin from Vandy Vape and it is drawing lots of attention due to its unique design and build deck. Read on to find out more about it and how it performs.

Kylin RTA Testing and Performance

I have spent the last week getting to know this device and so far it is performing really well. The build deck is a little different from similar RTAs but in a good way. I was a little intimidated when I took it out of the box but soon learned it was easier than it looked.

The packaging that it comes in is rather plain but it’s Okay. It comes with spare parts and extra drip tips, and even an adapter to use your own standard drip tips. Here are some specification for it and an overview of how it performed during testing.

Build quality and design

The design is really very nice. The knurling on the top cap makes it easy to grip and turn without pulling the tank up with it. The adjustable airflow control at the base clicks is easy to turn and clicks for ¼ open, ½ way, and all the way open.

I am really starting to love these postless build decks. The designs differ in each one but they are making them so easy to build on. This one makes a little cradle for your coils to sit in with plenty of airflow and room for wicking. I only used it in dual coil mode but I think it would perform just as well with a single coil.


The stainless steel construction of the chimney and barrel sections make this RTA very sturdy. The build deck is all one piece, solid construction with no parts to come loose. The glass tank section fits snugly over a silicone band on the deck so it is easy to remove without worry of breaking and the tank does not come loose when opening the cap.

Ease of Use

The beautiful gold-plated build deck is easier to build on than it looks. At first glance, I was trying to figure out where the coils sit because there are two holes in the center (which I found out later was for airflow) and the screws to tighten your wires come in from underneath. Once I got my build in there and wicked it, the rest was easy to assemble and vape. It is pretty easy to use for an intermediate to advanced vaper.

Vaping Experience

I really enjoyed using this tank. I love RDAs and RTAs for the ability to use my own coil builds and customize it to how I vape. I like to use it in the extended mode because I like big tanks.

The postless deck is pretty easy to build on once you figure out the correct placement for your leads. You do have to trim them before installing because there is nowhere to snip them from underneath. I used a 0.3-ohm dual coil build for testing and it works just perfect. I get intense flavor and gorgeous vapor with no dry hits or gurgling.

There are slots on the sides for wicking and it does a great job of that as long as you don’t overstuff it with cotton. I like to trim my wicks at an angle and fluff out the ends. It seems to be just the right amount to fill it without being too much.


Filling the tank is super easy. Just unscrew the cap and drip your juice between the chimney and sides of the glass. There are no juice ports on this to drip into so you could literally just take the top of your bottle and pour it in but it is easy to overfill this way. I would stop just a little below the top to keep from having to wipe it down from the excess juice.


I didn’t have any issues with leaking from the bottom, but I really think they need to put some kind of barrier piece between the top cap and glass tank so you can overfill it. When you tighten down the cap you always seem to squeeze out a little bit of juice that gets on your finger and around the top of the glass.


The vapor production on the Kylin is stellar. It produces tons of satisfying vapor with no burning or dry hits whatsoever. The air channels underneath and along the side of the coils draw in a good amount of air to create big, fluffy clouds.


The Kylin hits the flavor spot on. Their design and placement of the airflow holes really help create an intense flavor. The flavor sometimes gets muted in tanks, but not in this one. The barrel is rounded at the top to make the conical shape that contributes to increased flavor.

What We Liked

+ Hybrid compatible
+ Choice of Delrin drip tips
+ Ability to change from 2 mil to 6 mil
+ Choice of using single or dual coils
+ Compatible with Goon-style drip tips

What We Didn’t

No barrier between the cap and top of the tank so juice sometimes gets squeezed out the top when closing.


I have seen this tank listed between $25 and $35 through various online retailers. It is definitely a popular item because many shops were out of it when I looked to get an average price.

Final Verdict

The Kylin RTA from Vandy Vape is overall a really great rebuildable tank. The postless build deck is really nice and gives the option of a single or dual coil build. You also have the option to use it in the 2mil or 6 mil mode thanks to the extra glass tank and chimney extender, and the inclusion of 2 extra drip tips lets you customize the tank the way you like it for a very affordable price.

I would recommend this product to anyone looking for a great value for the money and a well-performing tank. Vandy Vape is a well-known manufacturer of quality products and this one is no exception.

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Direct Vapor Review

When looking for a high-quality vaporizer at a good price, you go to the authority on vaporizers and accessories. DirectVapor is a well-known supplier of all things vape-related and they have the best customer service to prove it. Here are a few reasons to stop in and take a look next time you need a mod, tank, or vape pen.

A little about DirectVapor

DirectVapor has been in the vape industry for a long time as one of the best vape shops. They set themselves apart from other companies by striving to meet the needs of their customers in such a way that keeps them coming back time after time. Here is a quote from the DirectVapor website:

“It is our aim to offer the most inclusive, highest selection, and greatest prices out there. We back everything up, offer unbeatable warranties, and make our products available to those who seek the best. We take customer satisfaction and customer service super seriously; what’s a good business without stoked customers?”

This is a job they take very seriously and offer high-quality products from trusted manufacturers at competitive prices. Their long-time customers can attest to the fact that they always have something great on sale or in the clearance section for an unbeatable price. But it is not just their pricing that makes them a favorite store among vapers, their customer support is outstanding and they offer a 60-Day Manufacturer’s Warranty. If something arrives not working you can send it back and they will refund the shipping costs.

Their Products:

Vape Pens, Vapes Mods, and Tanks

From basic vape pen starter kits to the more advanced mods and tanks, their selection of products is incredible. If you want a Sigelei, Smoktech, Asmodeus, GeekVape or Wismec, they carry all the most popular brands. They have an extensive line of mods from 50W to 350W. They carry vape tanks, sub-ohm vape tanks, rebuildable dripping atomizers (RDA), and rebuildable tank atomizers (RDTAs).

E-liquid Brands

If you need e-liquid they have plenty of brands and flavors to choose from. With so many to choose from, you’re sure to find something you like. From fruity flavors to coffee, ice cream, and tobacco there is truly a flavor for every vaper. They come in large bottles as well so you can stock up on your favorites when they go “on sale.” Sizes range from 15ml, 30ml, 60ml, 100ml, and 120ml. They also have a couple of larger bottles in 180ml, 240ml, and 300ml but only on selected brands (Jam Monster, Famous Fair, Naked 100, Motley Brew, Mad Hatter).

Their Policies

Free Shipping

One of their best selling points is that they offer free shipping with no minimum order. That means you don’t have to spend $30, $50, or $100 to get something shipped to your house for free. Shipping and handling add on an extra $10+ to your order total and many shoppers feel it is not worth it when buying a $20 item (from a competitor). Free shipping is a definite plus for large and small orders.

Easy Returns

It rarely happens, but receiving the wrong item is no big deal with their 15-Day Return Policy. That also applies to items that you bought but changed your mind later on. You can return the item or items without paying a restocking fee. You will need to get a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) by calling their customer service line listed on the website. The item must be unopened and unused to be eligible for restocking.

Lowest Price Guarantee

Not only do they offer the lowest prices on merchandise, but they also guarantee it. If you find the same product on a competitor site for less they will match it, or issue you a refund for the price difference. They really want you to be satisfied with your purchases and your shopping experience with them.

Track My Shipment

Every customer wants to know when their order will arrive. When you make an order they will send you a confirmation email and again when your order has shipped. The shipping email will include the tracking details so you can check to see exactly when your package should arrive. This same feature is offered when you create an account. You can log in anytime to track your order.

Only Authentic Brands

DirectVapor has what they call a “no clone zone” which is their guarantee that the products they carry are from authentic manufacturers. They will never sell you a “clone” of a popular atomizer because it’s cheaper and sells quickly. They have built a foundation with their reputation for carrying only the highest quality products and won’t jeopardize it to make a fast buck.  For the consumer, it means you can shop with confidence in the products you purchase.

American-Based Company

The company is headquartered in Miami Lakes, Florida and everything ships from the USA. All products are sourced locally and that helps them ensure fast shipping and happy, satisfied customers. Most items ship the same day if ordered before 12 pm Eastern Standard Time. If ordered after 12 pm they ship the next business day.

Why Direct Vapor is One of Our Favorite Sites

Besides their great customer service, they offer a lot of ways to save money on products you buy frequently. They offer a 10% discount off your order if you sign up for auto-ship, they post “Deals of the Week” for 25 – 50% off regular price, more great deals in “Clearance” and if you sign up for their newsletter you’ll be notified of upcoming sales and promotions. And then there is the “Lowest Price Guarantee” which ensures you are getting the absolute lowest price available. Add up all these benefits and you’ll see why shopping DirectVapor saves you money.

These are a few reasons why DirectVapor is one of our favorite online stores. Don’t just take our word for it, check them out for yourself and see if you don’t get the best deal around. Remember they price match, so if you find a lower price anywhere they will match it so you can’t lose. You’ll love the products, the deals, and they may become your go-to shop for all things vapor.

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Halo Triton 2 Vape Pen Review

If you’re a smoker switching over to vaping, having a device that satisfies your cravings for nicotine is key to your vaping success. Halo is a leading manufacturer of vapor products and their Halo Triton 2 vape pen was designed to make transitioning easy for new vapers. Read on to find out more about it.

Halo Triton 2 Testing and Performance

I am a big fan of Halo products. I fell in love with the G6 when it first came out and then the original Triton, and now the Triton 2. It is a modern-style vape pen with a (mini) sub ohm tank designed for people just getting off cigarettes. Here is an overview of the kit contents and a look at how it vapes.

Build quality and design

I like the look and design of this device. It is smooth and sleek and comes in a variety of colors.

The tank resembles a mini Protank 3 but has better airflow and is not as restricted in the draw. It is on the small side and only holds 2 mils of juice. But overall, it looks very nice and performs well for such a mall device.


I have found this device to be very reliable and very sturdy.

I have had no issues with it and as of now, it has no scratches or marks of any kind after riding around in my purse for the last several days. It is very good for stealth vaping when you’re waiting and don’t want to draw attention with big clouds.

Ease of Use

The Halo Triton 2 is one of the easiest vape pens there is to use.

Just fill and go, that is it. The battery charges via a USB cable connected to a laptop or by wall charger. To turn it on for the first time it is 5 clicks on and then 5 clicks again to turn it off. It has only one button so there are no menu systems to memorize or settings to adjust.

Vaping Experience

I am really loving the mouth-to-lung vaping experience. There are different coil resistances for mouth-to-lung and direct-to-lung vaping, as well as longer-lasting 900 mah batteries that you use to mix and match for a customized vape.

These do not come with the kit but are available for purchase through Halo separately.

I bought the kit with two batteries because I vape a lot and one battery doesn’t last me all day. Frequent vapers like me may go through a battery quickly and need to recharge often.

The batteries recharge in about 2 hours and will last the “light or beginning vaper” all day. If you were previously a heavy smoker (more than a pack per day) I would recommend getting two batteries so you have a spare.

That way you won’t be tempted to buy cigarettes when your battery dies and you have to wait for it to charge.

This vape pen does satisfy in the flavor and vapor it produces and if you like the MTL draw you’ll love this device.

It may not be satisfying to more advanced vapers used to super low resistances because the device only reaches a max of 4.2 volts.


These tanks are easy to refill again and again. Just remove the drip tip and drip liquid right down the side between the chimney and glass, being careful to avoid the center air pipe.


These are designed to be practically leak-proof and I have yet to have one leak on me. I have to lay it down between uses and try to keep it from rolling off the table, but I have had no leaking at all.


The vapor production for these tanks is pretty good. You can’t compare them to the larger sub ohm tanks but they make about as much vapor as similar sized tanks like the Kanger Evod, T3 clearomizers, and e-Smart tanks.


The flavor from these coil heads is pretty good. These are small tanks so I wasn’t expecting anything phenomenal but they do produce good flavor, a decent throat hit and pretty nice vapor.

What We Liked

+ Stylish design
+ Variety of colors
+ Single or full kit
+ Compact size
+ Charges quickly
+ Leak-proof tank

What We Didn’t

Battery life
Tank capacity


The price for the full kit is $45  which is a great value for what you get. You’ll get two batteries so you can use one while the other is charging and always have a backup. Along with the two batteries come 3 coil heads, 2 sets of drip tips and chargers so I”d call that a good value any day.

Final Verdict

What makes this vape pen great is the fact that it is easy to use, easy to fill, and produces a satisfying vaping experience and is affordably priced as well. It only has a 700 mah battery and doesn’t last that long on a single charge and there is nothing to adjust.

You can’t increase the wattage or tweak the settings so advanced vapers wouldn’t be interested in one unless they are purposely looking for simplicity.

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Halo Reactor Sub-ohm Tank Review

The Halo Reactor is a sub ohm tank from a leading manufacturer of vapor products. Halo has been in business since 2009 and makes vapor products for vapers of all levels. Read on to find out if the Halo reactor is right for you.

Halo Reactor Testing and Performance

The Halo packaging for this device is very simple and straightforward. It comes in a clear plastic case with the extra parts underneath the base.

The tank comes with 1 coil head pre-installed and 2 extra coil heads with the full kit version. I tested this tank on my Eleaf 100W mod at 40W and the flavor and clouds were there but were even better at 50 and 60W. The flavor got a little more pronounced and the vapor plumes were nice.

The Halo Reactor is recommended for those who have been vaping for a little while and want to upgrade from a vape pen or other beginner device to something that makes bigger clouds.

Build quality and design

The quality of this tank is really good. Halo is known for producing quality products and this tank is one of their best products. I would recommend this tank simply because it is so easy to use.


The tank is constructed of stainless steel and glass and is very durable. These tanks last a long time and can use different coils if the stock coils are out. This ability to use other coils makes it a good value besides the affordable price.

Ease of Use

The tank is very easy to use, fill and change the coil heads. It is a bottom fill tank so the base unscrews for access to the coil head without having to empty the tank first. I like the ability to change coils easily but would have preferred an option to fill from the top.

Vaping Experience

I got some really good flavor and vapor from this tank and no dry hits at all. I also didn’t have any leaking despite the large juice holes on each side of the coil. I had no gurgling or spit back and the drip tip stays cool, even with chain vaping.

It has bottom airflow control with a ring that clicks on each side. You just turn it all the way to the left or right to close it off or open it just a little. I like to have mine about ½ way open for a little restrictiveness for a vaping experience closer to that of a mouth-to-lung tank.

The mod that comes with the full kit looks suspiciously like an Eleaf iStick 50W so it should work great with any Eleaf mods. You could probably use these on some larger vape pens and low wattage mods.


This is a bottom fill tank and not my favorite at all. I like the tank but wish they had made it with a top fill because some vapers may have a hard time filling it down the sides between the chimney and glass. It is convenient for changing the coils since you don’t have to drain the tank but can be messy to refill.


I didn’t have any issues with leaking or flooding/gurgling. I made sure to prime the coils before using and never got a dry hit either. One coil lasted me almost 4 weeks and may last longer for someone who vapes less frequently. The coil heads come in packs of 5 and are very


The Reactor works really well with any of Halo’s high VG e-liquids. The tank is also compatible with Atlantis coil heads for versatility. I generally use 80VG/20PG or Max VG juices for my sub-ohm tanks and RDAs because it helps with vapor production, but the tank does this all on its own. It produces great vapor clouds comparable to some more advanced sub ohm tanks.


The flavor of this tank is really good. The coil heads are made with organic cotton and wick really well. The large juice ports on the sides of the coil help it soak up the juice for continuous wicking without dry hits or burning. In most RDAs and RTAs, your flavor is determined by the build, wicking material, and the airflow to your coils. Halo uses these same principles in this sub ohm tank to produce clouds and flavor on the level of more advanced tanks.

What We Liked

+ 5 mil Pyrex glass tank
+ Tight-fitting glass drip tip
+ Stainless steel construction
+ Adjustable airflow control
+ Easy to take apart and clean

What We Didn’t

Drip tip doesn’t fit snugly

Value – $26.75 (tank only) $37 for battery

This tank can be purchased in a kit with the mod, or separately by itself. It is priced affordably as a single device but may be a better value as part of a starter kit with extra coil heads and accessories.

Final Verdict

For a basic sub ohm tank, this works pretty well. It is perfect for new vapers just getting into sub-ohm vaping because there is very little to adjust and the .05 ohm coil heads produce good clouds of vapor and good flavor. Advanced vapers who prefer basic tanks would also love this device because it can be used on any mod with great results.

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TFV8 Baby Beast Sub-ohm Tank Review

If you’re a fan of Smok tanks you’ll love the junior version of this popular tank. It has all the best features of the original in a mini version – The Smok TFV8 Baby Beast is the smaller version of the popular Cloud Beast. How does it compare to the larger version? Let’s find out.

TFV8 Baby Beast Testing and Performance

I have had my TFV8 Baby Beast for a while now and decided it was time to put it back in my rotation and give it a brand new coil and some new juice for the purpose of this review. Smok is a leading manufacturer of vape tanks and always produces a high-quality product.

I took this tank with me on a 4-day trip to a family camp out. I purchased a brand new coil and bottle of Naked 100 Hawaiian POG to test it with. Below are some details about the tank and an overview of how it performed during the testing period.

During the testing period, I had no issues with gurgling or spit back. I made sure to prime my coils ahead of time and got delicious vapor with every hit.

Build quality and design

Design-wise, it is almost identical to the Cloud Beast. It has the same features in a smaller package and no rebuildable coil. It has the same top-fill with gasket seal just like the bigger version with the twist and lock seal. It is available in various colors including black, ss, silver, blue, purple, pink, gold and red. I have the blue tank and it looks very nice on top my Smok Alien 220W mod.


This is a very solid, durable tank that will last you for years. I’ve had mine for two years now and it’s still going strong. I had put it away temporarily to test out some newer RDAs and RTAs but it’s still one of my favorites.

Ease of Use

The TFV8 is extremely easy to use. The coil head installs at the base and all the parts are easy to remove for cleaning. The top of the chimney sits under the cap and is all one piece so it screws directly onto the top of the coil when assembling. There is a spare glass tank included in case you break one.

Vaping Experience

I get a really nice vape from this tank. The vapor is cool and cloud production is really good. It’s not quite as good as the Cloud Beast on vapor production but I also don’t vape at 100W either so I didn’t expect it to. The vapor production at 65W is cool to slightly warm which is where I like it and the clouds are nice and fluffy.


This is a top-fill tank with the swivel-out top. To open it just push down and turn to the side to reveal a kidney-shaped juice port under the cap. Put your bottle tip in there and fill. As always, remember to close of your airflow before opening the cap to fill. This reduces a lot of leaking some experience with this tank.


On the subject of leaking, I have had this leak on me before and it was due to not closing off the airflow before opening, and the fact that my gasket under the top cap was worn. If you have any problems with leaking check those two things and it should put an end to it.


The vapor production on this tank is good. I get really good vapor from both coil heads. I like the stainless steel coil because I like using temperature control, but I think I get a little bit better vapor using the Kanthal coil head. They just seem to have a bit more “body” to me. Smok calls their coil heads “turbo engine coils”. I don’t know why, but I will agree they are good.


The Naked 100 Hawaiian POG juice that I purchased for this review is really good. It is a tropical fruit flavor with notes of passion fruit, orange, and guava. Those flavors came through beautifully and were right on point. I was able to taste each flavor, including the orange that I didn’t taste in one of the other tanks I tested. This is a good one for flavor, so if you’re a flavor chaser you’ll love this little guy.

What We Liked

+ Top-fill tank system
+ 3 ml tank capacity
+ Wide-bore Delrin drip tip
+ Bottom airflow control
+ Turbo engine coil system

What We Didn’t

Really isn’t anything not to like


I bought mine a few years ago, but I recently saw these listed on a couple of online vape shops for $20 – $25. This is a good price for a quality tank that also comes with spare parts and accessories. I like that they included the stainless steel coil for temperature control lovers.

Final Verdict

At the time it came out, everyone was buying up the Cloud Beast so I did too. I found however that I didn’t like the “big beast” as much as I thought I would. In the smaller version, I find that I get all the same features of the big one in ⅓ of the size. I get good airflow, great flavor, and vapor and I would definitely recommend it as something that is a good value as well. If you haven’t got one of these yet, get one because they’re affordably priced.

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The Troll RTA Review

If you like the performance of an RDA with juice capacity of a tank, then look no further than the Troll RTA by Wotofo. The Wotofo name has long been synonymous with high-quality products and this one is no exception. Here is a breakdown of the features and an overview of how it performs.

The Troll RTA Testing and Performance

If you are familiar with the Toll RDA from Wotofo this RTA is the successor to the Troll and Troll V2. It has a 1-post, velocity-style deck with side -mounted screws. This is different than other types of similar RTAs and may be what contributes to the great flavor and cloud production.

I love the box that this comes in. There’s a little art deco on the front cover that’s a nice change from just the image of the product. The packaging is very attractive.

I’m a big fan of RDAs and love to try out new builds and wicking techniques. The deck is large enough to accommodate big (3mm) coils with side slots for tucking the wicks into. There is a tendency to stuff cotton down into the slots but I found that if I cut my wicks at an angle on one side they fit perfect without crowding the slots. I didn’t experience any dry hits or leaking. I also like the stature of this RTA, it’s a little short and stubby and looks good on any mod I use it on.

I like the 5 ml tank capacity. I’m one of those people that like to juice and go. I don’t want to carry bottles around with me.

Build quality and design

You cannot use your own drip tips with this RTA because the chuff cap is all one piece and is threaded so it screws down onto the chimney section. The threading is very smooth though, no worry of cross-threading, it only goes one direction and fits securely.

Despite the look of the build deck, it is actually pretty easy to build on. It is similar to a velocity-style deck except that there is one post with 4 holes (two horizontal posts stacked on top of each other) that sits midway up the on the deck. There are two air tubes right beneath the post holes and a peak insulator in the middle of the post section. I have heard people say that these insulators have melted on them, but I didn’t have any issues with them getting too hot because I like to keep my coils low and leave space away from the posts.


The chimney section is all one piece and the chuff cap/top cap is all one section as well. Everything fits together smoothly and stays tight. The combination of stainless steel and Pyrex glass makes it very sturdy and durable in my opinion. This is a tank I can see myself owning for years and years.

Ease of Use

The build deck looks a little intimidating at first until you realize that the coils go in the same place as always. It just looks a little off-putting, but the build and wicking are all the same. Once you have it all put together and add your juice it is the easiest thing to use. Simple and easy to use, this is a great tank for just about anybody.

Vaping Experience

I am really liking this RTA. I am a big fan of Wotofo products anyway and this one is great as well. It has great flavor and makes big clouds of vapor. The airflow is really smooth with no whistling or noise. It does feel just a bit restrictive but in a good way. It adds to the experience. Opening and closing the airflow is easy and it stops on each side (no turning and turning to get back to where you were). It’s nice and snug and stays right where you put it.


Filling the tank is super easy. The top cap unscrews and you have two large juice ports there to choose from. They are large enough for big bottle tips or even pouring straight from the bottle if you don’t like to wait.


During the testing period, I had no instances of leaking. I did close off the airflow control when refilling the tank and never filled it when it was ½ full. I waited until it was nearly empty to avoid the vacuum suction pulling the juice down into the airflow holes.


The vapor production on the Troll RTA is really good. Using the included fused Clapton coils and Japanese cotton, the clouds produced from this build are big and voluminous. I had my wattage set at 60W and the vapor produced by the 0.3-ohm coils was fantastic. After vaping continuously for about 10 minutes I nearly fogged up the whole room. It definitely chucks the clouds.


I got some of the best flavor I have ever had from an RTA. It may be due to the design of the deck and chimney, not sure. But whatever it is, it really works to bring out the flavor in your juice. I am loving it.

What We Liked

+ Great flavor
+ Easy to build on
+ Makes big fluffy clouds
+ Dual adjustable airflow
+ Easy to take apart and clean

What We Didn’t

I really didn’t care for the small screwdriver that comes with the RTA. It doesn’t fit the screw heads and I can see them stripping over time with this tool. It’s just a bit too small.


The value question here is hands down, yes. I have found this atomizer between $28 – $35 through various online retailers. For the price, this is a great value. When previously looking for similar RTAs, prices in the range of $60 – $80 is not uncommon for well-made high-quality atomizers.

Final Verdict

I love all of Wotofo’s products, I think they really matched the features of the Troll RDA in an RTA version. It delivers great flavor and great vapor at a budget price. I would definitely recommend this RTA to anyone looking for a Gennie-style atomizer that is easy to build on and vapes like a dream.

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The Geekvape Tsunami RDA Review

It doesn’t look like much from the outside, but there is a lot going on under the top cap. The Geekvape Tsunami is a Velocity-style RDA with a deck reminiscent of a Kennedy. See how these two designs come together to create an awesome vaping experience.

GeekVape Tsunami Testing and Performance

I love Geekvape products and own the Griffin 25 and Alpha Tanks. I was glad to add the Tsunami RDA to my Geekvape collection. I have been using it for about a week and a half and it has been doing great. It has some pros and cons, but my overall impression of it is pretty good.

I did find that because of the very large post holes I had to build bigger coils. The 2.5mm coils I used before looked tiny compared to the bigger posts, and I felt that I would get better performance if I adjusted the coil size.

Build quality and design

The design for the Geekvape Tsunami may seem a little “plain jane” for most people. It resembles similar RDAs in shape and size with the exception of the bottom airflow slots. You can adjust the airflow by turning the barrel when it is on the mod. It turns in one direction so if it goes past where you want it just keep turning since it does not lock in place.

Build Deck

The build deck has a velocity-style two-post deck that reminds me very much of my Griffin RTA. The post-holes on the Tsunami RDA are a little bigger for thick-gauge wire and Clapton builds. The post holes are 3mm x 2mm so you can fit some good size coils in there.

The only drawback to me on this design is the air holes crowd the wicks a little bit. I have the same problem in my Griffin and had to trim the wicks at a diagonal to thin them out but still be long enough to touch the deck.

Well Capacity

It does have a deep juice well ( 5mm) which I like. I prefer to make my wicks fluffy and full so they absorb more because I like not having to drip so often. The Delrin drip tips are wide enough to drip juice right down in the top without having to remove the barrel.


It is constructed of stainless steel and feels very sturdy. I have had the occasion where it has rolled off my desk to the floor (about 3 feet) and there wasn’t a knick or scratch on it. It feels well-made and slightly heavy.

Ease of Use

The large deck and roomy post holes make building on this deck really easy. There are no pieces to remove, nothing to really fiddle with. Just make your coil and wick them. That is pretty much all there is to it.

I do think this would be good for beginning to intermediate vapers because it is so easy to build on.

Vaping Experience

The vape I get from this RDA is really good. I get lots of vapor and flavor and little to no spit back at all. If I over-drip I get a little, so I have to let it get a little dry before adding more juice.

I like the fact that they included two extra drip tips as well as the 510 adapter. I’m not a big fan of the conical (cone-shaped) drip tips, but I like the regular Delrin and stainless steel drip tips and the ability to use my own if I want.


I never really experienced any leaking, and I don’t know that I would call it leaking, but a little juice does pool up once in a while underneath the base where it is joined to the mod. It may be more of a condensation issue than leaking. I just find myself needing to give it a wipe with a tissue when changing from the RDA to a tank.


I have been getting really good vapor production with my current build in this RDA. I have a dual 0.5 ohm spaced coil build, run it at 65W, and have the airflow about ¾ open. With it set up like this the vapor clouds are thick and dense. It’s got great vapor.


The flavor produced by an RDA depends on the build you put in it and your wicking material. I like to build 24g wide-spaced macro coils with Japanese cotton for the wicks. With this build, I get good flavor and great vapor production. Individual results may vary. If you use smaller, tighter coils your flavor may be more or less intense.

What We Liked

+ Velocity-style post design
+ Single or dual coil option
+ Adjustable airflow control
+ Dual O-rings on base for a snug fit
+ Drip tips are threaded and screw onto top cap
+ Included 510 adapter for preferred drip tips

What We Didn’t

Wicking is a little bit crowded by air tubes
E-liquid sometimes pools underneath the base
Little more noise than I like (airflow whistle)


The price for this RDA is between $15 and $25 through most online retailers. It is a good value for such a well-performing dripper with adjustable airflow control. It is a popular item and sells out quickly, so if you find one snap it up before it’s gone.

Final Verdict

Like all the previous Geekvape products, this one is a winner. It is well-made, performs fantastic, and is affordably priced (less than $30). If you are like me and like the option of using single or dual coils, then I would recommend you get one of these. It is a nice RDA to have in your vaping collection.

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